My name is Kaur Sidhu, Creator of livfitnhealthy.com (Healthy Lifestyle). This blog highlights whole health-related things, such as hair care, skin care, and weight loss, with some lifestyle elements mixed in.


Firmly believe that body itself is an integrated system. Every organ and gland must work together harmoniously to ensure it can heal effectively.

You must look at other body parts to see underlying issues if you suffer from hair loss. Most often, there is.

The natural healing approach works because it looks into all aspects of well-being, such as; mental, physical, and emotional.

Being healthy is not about eating well but embracing good eating habits. Such as removing toxins, having a positive mindset, and having healthy relationships needed to adopt.

I want to give ythe ou all knowledge and information tlp and make positive changes in your life. It is not about willpower and self-denial; the approach will show how I can thrive by living more naturally in a fun and achievable way.

It works because I do not obsess over one aspect of health; the natural health approach contains health’s spiritual, mental, and physical aspects.


A few years ago, I had a brutal accident, and at that time, I was utterly in bed for a year. I could not walk. I was battling with constant, 24/7 chronic pains that had left me feeling depressed and zapped of all energy.

Due to constant pain every day, I could not do any physical activity for a long time, and my weight was soaring despite appetite loss. During that time, I did not realize it.

However, I suffered from numerous chronic illnesses such as; leaky gut syndrome, insomnia, severe headaches, fatigue, palpitation, anemia, enlarged liver, and other digestive issues. Later, I also suffered from hormonal acne, hair thinning, and loss.

Then I made some alarming discoveries that almost everything I knew about health, nutrition, and fitness was completely wrong. Thus, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started looking into alternative therapies.


I acquired immense knowledge through reading hundreds of books and spending hours looking into alternative therapies and natural remedies. I discovered about natural remedies and therapies that even an average doctor would have no idea.

At that moment, I determined to get my health back on the right track with my hands and be my own “health guru.” What is more? Although the same time was also suffering from hair thinning and loss at an alarming rate.

Enough was enough; I convinced myself that it was high time to take drastic action. Thus, I switched to an entirely natural, non-toxic, healthy hair care and health routine.

I was amazed by the result, and the hard work pays off; my health and hair are now healthier than ever before!

I cut all preservative food, sugar, dairy, and bad fat from the diet. Moreover, I threw out all the beauty products which were full of chemicals. I dedicated myself to calmer exercise three to four times a week. (Yoga)


The result, appearance, and health were astonished by taking the natural health approach and completely transforming life from the inside out.

First time in two years, I felt full of energy, empowerment, and happiness. Moreover, all my digestive issues, inflammation, fatigue, and insomnia subsided.

Finally, I could walk and eat well, sleep correctly, and joy my life. My thicker and long shiny hair gave me enormous confidence.

Finally, I had enough energy to start yoga again and felt revitalized and energetic. My weight came back to normal for the first time. These positive changes improved my enthusiasm for life. That is the reason I wanted to share my stories with everyone, including you.


Through this website, I wanted to spread the knowledge and information used and developed over the years to regain my health.

livfitnhealthy.com is an online source for everyone who wants to live healthier lives.

At  livfitnhealthy.com, you’ll discover my best real food plans, natural living and cleaning tutorials, beauty, weight loss, and health hacks with natural ingredients, natural remedies, and considerably more. To make your life easy and better.

Haircare and beauty tips would not include any chemicals. Almost all skincare or haircare products are 100% pure natural DIY remedies.

livfitnhealthy.com is committed to providing the latest practical information and resources to readers. Moreover, to make this website a welcoming place for community and support.